Fully committed to managing our environmental impact

Corporate Responsibility

Our commitment to Corporate Responsibility was established as a founding principle of the company

We fully understand that responsible management is essential to all of our employees, clients, shareholders and the communities in which we operate.

Each member of the Woori BMO Group wealth management and advisory team possesses experience covering the different financial market niches. We are more than happy to take full or partial ownership of your wealth with the end goal of transforming it to better your future.

CSR - Woori BMO Group

Our workforce management strategy is designed to support company performance by hiring, empowering and retaining high-calibre staff, and in exchange to accelerate the execution of our company’s business goals.

Woori BMO Group has an engaged and enthusiastic team of professionals, which contributes to our low-level staff turnover, underpinning the quality and sustainability of our proposition to our clients.

At Woori BMO Group, we identify specific groups and local communities in need through our Corporate Responsibility strategy and aim to improve or transform their lives for the better. We do not look for brand awareness, awards or commercial gain from these activities as we already benefit on knowing that the excellent work we do in the community will inspire our team members, motivate them and also build a culture where our people are proud to work for us.

Although Woori BMO Group is a relatively low-impact business on the environment, we do recognize that our business can sometimes influence climate change, and we manage our business activities to reduce this impact as best we can.

Woori BMO Group is fully committed to managing our environmental impact through effective monitoring of our energy usage, water usage and waste recycling.