Enhancing growth and guaranteeing our people reach their full career potential

Our People

We believe our people are our most valuable asset, as they strive to convert your financial goals into continuous success stories

Our People - Woori BMO Group

Our company would not have achieved the leading position we are in right now without the drive, ambition and devotement of our investment team members.

Every team member at Woori BMO Group is fully aware that the growth of our company and our results are dependent on our client’s contentment and success which explains why our team consider your goals first and foremost throughout the entire wealth management lifecycle.

Woori BMO Group continues to invest in our team members throughout their employment with our company, enhancing growth and guaranteeing they reach their full career potential.

When it comes to investment in our wealth managers, we have no limitations as we know the payback will benefit the growth of our company, our client base and our continued success.

Woori BMO Group is proud to have formed a highly professional and structured team environment that delivers a best-practice service with mutual respect, a shared focus on solutions, interaction, regulatory compliance and full commitment to all of our clients and their financial preferences.

Here at Woori BMO Group we strive to instil integrity, honesty and professionalism throughout our team ensuring they continue to perform to the highest standards and the world-class investment service our company promotes.