Managed commodity solutions meeting your unique risk appetite and investment goals


Efficient commodities exposure through the creation and management of portfolios which are tailored to meet our clients specific requirements

At Woori BMO Group, the commodity capabilities we provide offer both a long-term consistent track record with a strong company commitment to developing, growing and distributing commodity strategies.

Commodities - Woori BMO Group

Led by industry veterans, the commodities team at Woori BMO Group has a proven background in managing and delivering successful commodities portfolios to our clients.

The team maintains a consultative approach to managing all client commodities portfolios, guiding you through the full investment lifecycle of this popular asset class.

Our commodities portfolio management team strive to add alpha through a consistent strategy which is tailored to our client needs. Through our various fund structures, our team at Woori BMO Group offer a broad range of managed commodity solutions in order to meet each of our client’s unique risk appetite and investment goals.