Meeting your investment needs while optimizing the expected risk/return


Offering a broad range of innovative and dynamic equity solutions across an array of geographical locations and investment styles

Our experienced team of equity investment managers offer our clients an end-to-end solution relating to stock investing, from initial strategies and ideas through to execution.

Equities - Woori BMO Group

Woori BMO Group possesses an extensive list of company stocks that can generate high volatility investment options, ideal for short-term investment opportunities.

In addition, we also have access to a list of stable companies that continue to grow, leading to opportunities offering stable and long-term returns.

At present, we have access to the US, European and Asia-Pacific markets with the possibility of extending to the Australian market and other regions which have a regulated and structured stock exchange. Our experienced equities team operates with company stocks, ETFs, synthetic shares and other equity-related products.

With a robust institutional setup, an executive team of equity investment managers and a strong focus on tailored investment solutions, Woori BMO Group guarantees to meet our clients specific investment needs while optimizing the expected risk/return ratio.