Tailored onshore and offshore investment solutions to meet your specific needs

Fixed Income

We offer fixed income solutions to clients who are seeking a safer investment product

Woori BMO Group provides a leading fixed income and currency management service which delivers innovative and customized access to the global fixed income marketplace.

Fixed Income - Woori BMO Group

At Woori BMO Group, our fixed income products include active management of interest-rate, currency and credit exposure. We mainly offer fixed income products that are moderate and safe however, we can also provide you with higher yield products such as short-term bonds, which involve additional risks for higher rewards.

Woori BMO Group can provide you with the opportunity to invest in a wide range of bonds, from government and municipal securities through to coupons and corporate bonds.

Woori BMO Group has a devoted team of experienced investment managers with proven knowledge and capabilities from around the globe, now covering a greater array of strategies, including developed and emerging-market debt as well as investment and noninvestment grade ratings.

Through public funds, private label funds and segregated accounts, our fixed income team provides access to onshore and offshore investment solutions that are tailored to meet all our client’s specific needs.